Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke

Owner and managing director of Moin

Born and raised in a family of eight in the region of Lower Franconia, where there was lots of good cooking from my Silesian mother

Whether by nature or training - a performing artist, ethnologist and graphic designer

Aside from a passion for good food and art, I'm interested in pretty much all aspects of life, especially social issues and our evolution as humans on this planet.

A woman of conviction, who enjoys the good things in life, and committed to reviving the signature of Joseph Beuys.

Mirko Trenkner

Recipe creator and many other things

Berlin-born in 1973

Travelled the world as a culinary ambassador

In 2008 I set up „Werteköche“, an agency offering catering, culinary events and kitchen parties of all shapes and sizes.

Back in 2007 I was on the lookout or a certain type of organic bread. It was then that I chanced upon Moin. Quality, dependability and a way of doing things differently - that's the recipe for a working relationship that we both value very highly.

A professional, a father and one of the few Germans who know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt!

Ina Gecke

Recipe creator and photographer

Raised in Grandma Kombrink's kitchen

Cooking was my first love - and has remained my passion ever since.

In 2005 I opened Café Kombrink in Berlin, specializing in home-made, down-to-earth but nonetheless modern and refined traditional fare.

A flair for discovering new value in old things - e.g. chair legs made of old banisters, cushions from coffee sacks, miscellaneous china lovingly curated from flea market visits...

A passionate cook and responsible gourmet with a serious talent for upcycling!

Natascha Solis

Writer, singer, actress

A Hamburg lass with a big heart for animals

Journeyed from Lisbon to San Francisco and on to London, which was home for a while

Ten years on stage, followed by the launch of a "successful family business"

Let life carry me downstream from Hamburg to the charming town of Glückstadt, where I discovered Moin's vegan croissants and resolved to stay

A creative powerhouse, an eager-to-learn mother and an open-minded advocate of positive thinking.