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This is where you can download our marketing material, labels for the bakery counter and recipe postcards. Alternatively, we can send you the recipe postcards in a pack of ten, so you can share them with your customers. We'll also gladly support you in your choice of oven. We don't sell any ovens ourselves, but we can assist you in establishing according contacts. Just let us know if you need anything:

If you're looking for product passes or information on allergens and nutrition, you can either send us a request or you go straight to the ecoinform database and download what you need from there.




Labels for the counter

Recipe cards

Counter displays and information material (English versions coming soon)

Rote Berta
Moin Habe die Aehre
Moin Fladenbrot
Moin Mohn Amour
Moin Pizzateig
Moin Kartoffelkrustis
Moin Franzbrötchen
Moin Baguette
Moin Laugenbrötchen
Moin Kartoffel Krustis
Moin Sesam Krustis

Certificates and awards

Bioland certificate

BCS certificate

Ökostrom award

Contact us

Should you have any questions we are happy to help.

Jule Prothmann - purchasing & sales

Telephone: +49.04124.89 002.15 - Email:

Susanne Damm - marketing & communication

Telephone: +49.04124.89 002.10 - Email:

Natascha Solis - marketing & communication

Telephone: +49.04124.89 002.20 - Email:

Press service

Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke

is your contact person for press issues. Tel.+49.4124.89 002.27 - Email