Moin FrierFilz

The world’s first sustainable cool bag

Our FrierFilz: a world’s first

We played with the idea for this project for a good ten years - and now we have finally realised it. Together with the designer Carsten Buck and his Hamburg-based agency ‘Mutter’, we have produced the world’s first sustainable cool bag. In other words, it is an eco-friendly means of carrying food that stops it spoiling straight away.

As the name suggests (FrierFilz literally means “freeze-felt”), the bag is made of wool felt, which is a renewable raw material whose excellent insulating properties have been known for centuries - making it ideal for a cool bag. In the production of felt, the washed wool is blow-dried by a machine and compressed so that it insulates from outside temperatures. Here’s a tip from us: lining the bag with newspaper increases the effectiveness even further. A useful side-effect of compressing the felt is that it even repels dirt. And if, one day in the far distant future, the bag becomes worn-out, it can be disposed of without harming the environment. Last but not least, it looks really rather stylish too. What more could you want!?

Here’s one idea: the FrierFilz could stimulate us to think about where things come from and what resources are used to create them. In this way, the bag is a little daily reminder for us to remain focussed on sustainability. You can of course just use it to carry your tasty organic frozen foods home with you too...

The 32 x 42 cm bag costs € 29.90 and can be ordered by visiting It is available with either a red or a blue drawstring.

2. May 2018 
by Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke


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