We northern lights know all about...

"Franzbrötchen" - cinnamon sugar pastries

"Franz" is a maybe oldfashioned but nevertheless typical German name. And the so called "Franzbrötchen" is a very typical pastry in Northern Germany. In cities like Hamburg, the sweet cinnamon flavoured pastry swirl has somewhat of a cult status due to its tradition and great popularity. Of course, this Hanseatic treat has been a long-standing part of our assortment. What's new are two additional flavours: the Apple Cinnamon Pastry combines the comforting cinnamon flavour with the freshness of regionally harvested apples. And the Chocolate Cinnamon Pastry Vegan delights with plenty of dark chocolate chips. Neither of them will give you a sugar rush but you might end up having sweet dreams about tucking into these delicious treats.

We've got a nice little "Franzbrötchen"-story:

It was springtime 2015 when the Hamburg-based gallery owner Mikiko Sato came to visit us in Glückstadt. We had been to her fine little gallery at Klosterwall in Hamburg, where you can enjoy wonderful contemporary art from Japan, and had bought a small sculpture by artist Rikuo Ueda to place in our conference room at Moin.

It so happened that we were baking "Franzbrötchen" on the very day when Mr. Ueda's piece of art was being put up. As usual, we took our visitors for a little stroll through the production hall. It was then that Mikiko told us that many Japanese travellers knew what "Franzbrötchen" were because a very popular Japanese traveller's guide for Hamburg recommended the regional specialty.

As you can see, Mikiko and Rikuo were thrilled to be up close when these beautiful pastries were being made.