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Luxury or necessity?

One hundred percent organic for everybody - 

Is that even possible?

Moin has grown. We are delighted about this because it means that we can reach more people. The demand for top-quality, 100% organic food products which are sustainably produced is steadily growing. Even though the organic food industry still accounts for less than five percent of all food trade, it is definitely still a direction we welcome. (If you are interested in numbers regarding the eating habits of Germans, you can have a look at market overview of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft). But 100% organic for everybody - is that even possible?

The common argument that “organic“ is simply a luxury niche for affluent countries is incorrect. We greatly value organic farmer and book author Felix zu Löwenstein. He has convincingly argued that the world’s approximately seven billion people not only can but must be fed organically because the damage caused by industrial farming is no longer sustainable. Felix zu Löwenstein's contribution to a discussion on behalf of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation summarizes his arguments.

We can all see how conventional grocery retailers and even discounters are creating more and more shelf space for organic products. Many pioneers of the organic trade who have been working hard for decades for healthy, natural and organic food want to distance themselves from this trend. There is a prevailing fear about the integrity of the term “organic“. And this is not entirely unjustified. Indeed, there are companies which use the word “organic” on their packaging solemnly for marketing reasons whilst the product doesn’t meet the requirements for such labelling. Nevertheless, we believe that the expansion of organic products in trade is a positive development. The health food industry urgently needs a new “narrative” and a fundamental idea of how it wants to shape its future. We have the experience, the expertise and the credibility to steer processes into a direction we all desire. So why should we withdraw? Maybe one day, we can act as mentors and be of help in this area. In any case, we don’t see any value in ideologically based barriers which prevent us from having positive visions for our future.

For us, organic food is essential and should first and foremost be really tasty. At the same time we are convinced that organic food nourishes us much more than conventional food and helps us to achieve better holistic health. And health means strength - for body and spirit. Even if we need to overcome some incredibly difficult obstacles, giving up simply isn’t an option! We only have this one Earth and we are part of it. Nature takes care of our well-being whenever we take from it what it offers freely. Good relationships are based on a healthy balance of give and take, therefore we have an obligation to take care of this beautiful Earth.

When you go shopping, organic labels are helpful indicators. There is the German organic "Bio" production logo, which is shaped as a green hexagon, and the EU organic production logo, which shows a leaf consisting of white stars on a light green background, both of which fulfil the terms of the EU legal regulations for organic farming. If you want to find out more about these regulations, you can find them on the website of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture:

Furthermore, there are growing associations like Bioland and Demeter which have been devoted to the production of high-end quality, organic food for many years now, even long before the introduction of labels. Their own logos stand for quality which far surpasses the minimum legal requirements for organic food. If you want to compare, have a look at these links:

We feel very much connected to the principles of Demeter because of their uncompromising holistic approach to organic food production. These biodynamic foods are a direct link to nature’s life force and they strengthen our spirit. It is about the person as a whole. It’s about closing the circle of common well-being by finding the delicate balance between give and take.

We are certified by Bioland which means that we have nothing to do with genetic engineering, factory farming, chemical synthetic fertilizers and the use of pesticides. We do everything we can to ensure that the food we produce for you is safe to eat.

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1. March 2018 
by Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke and Natascha Solis


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