We are part of the bigger picture...

...and shareholders of the Regionalwert AG.

Regionalwert AG Hamburg is an entrepreneurial alliance following the motto: take matters into your own hands! It's about producing food responsibly and "grandchild-friendly" from the field to the plate.  The aim is to sustainably, organically and socially continue developing the local economy around Hamburg and to strengthen the added value of the region. The association is supported by the citizens who can purchase shares on a regular basis. Around 350 citizens, companies and foundations are already involved. And Moin is now involved, too. Regionalwert AG Hamburg invests the money in agricultural, gastronomic and food processing companies, such as bakeries, dairies or breweries. The companies commit themselves to complying with high social and organic standards. In addition, they purchase as many products as possible from each other. This way high-quality food is produced and stays in the region. Regionalwert AG shareholders also know their companies. And the more they buy from them, the better it is for the farms, the Regionalwert AG Hamburg and therefore also for the region itself.  There is a very interesting case study by Sarah Joseph, which states: it is possible to provide the population of Hamburg and surroundings with 100% organic, regionally produced food. The prerequisite for this is that 75% of agricultural land has to be used for organic food crops, and meat consumption must be reduced.  Just two meat-free days a week would make a big difference, writes Sarah Joseph, and ultimately each one of us can contribute to positive change. We agree and are pleased that our investment is again bringing us one step closer to the goal of "100% organic for everybody."

05. December 2018 
by Natascha Solis


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