Moin Baguette de luxe

Ooh la la! This bread is in a class of its own

Our Baguette de luxe - 

Luxury for everyone!

Moin's first baguette appeared to be a wonderful coincidence. We were actually baking our Crusty Potato Rolls and ended up with some leftover dough. Waste not, want not. "Alright then, let's take a baguette home today", was the spontaneous idea. No sooner said than done.

This is how a small amount of leftover dough turned into a big surprise.

"There was no stopping until it was all eaten up", said our managing director Hans-Paul Mattke.

He remembered a bakery in Paris where he once bought a similarly good baguette. "The queue outside that bakery was about 20 meters long." No one else seemed to match their quality standards. 

This seemed familiar since up here in North Germany you may also have a hard time finding really good baguettes. That's why we called ours:  Baguette de luxe.

The  long slender loaf of bread has its birthplace in 18th century France where it was called „pain de luxe“. Around the time of the French Revolution people in Paris faced bread shortages while the nobility dined on fine, white loaves.

Our baguette is still something special today - by its very nature. The combination of wheat and potatoes could be compared to an exciting duet. Yes, one could say, those two make music together. On the one hand we've got the slender, golden wheat striving for sunshine. The higher it grows, the higher the frequencies that it resonates with. And on the other hand we've got the chubby tuber that grows underground, surrounded by darkness and lower frequencies. The potatoe is like a counterpoint to the wheat. The starches in these two raw materials combine and complement each other perfectly.

You can notice this in how easily digestible our baguette is.

Obviously free from technical enzymes and with an 18-hour long maturing time our Baguette De Luxe truely is a handcrafted masterpiece. Baked French style on a stone plate it develops its nice crisp crust. "Crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside!" That's exactly how it's meant to be - so maybe the creation of our baguette wasn't a coincidence after all.

1. June 2018 
by Natascha Solis


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