As Slow as possible

This concert is going to end in 2639

The Cause Lies in the Future - Free Admission!

What do you think of the idea of going to a concert that lasts longer than your lifetime?

We bought tickets for an organ concert that will last 639 years. So we do not know who - or even which generation - will use the tickets in the Burchardikirche in Halberstadt, or if at all. But isn’t that fascinating, even inspiring?

Eighteen of the 639 years of this ORGAN² / ASLSP concert by American composer and artist John Cage, who died in 1992, have already passed. ASLSP stands for “As SLow aS Possible”. A well-known version of the composition lasts half an hour, but of course it is possible to go much more slowly. The hour of birth of the Halberstadt built organ was 639 years before the concert started in 2000.

We are inspired by the extension of this project's timeline, which reaches far into the past, beyond the horizon of our lifetime and into the future. It helps us to realize that we are part of something bigger.

After all, the way we here at Moin work and what we choose to work on has got a lot to do with the future, which we know must be ecologically sound.

By the way, coming back to the concert, the next sound change, that is, new and different sounds, will occur in 2020. Then, according to the musical score, it will take on a much faster pace.

If you want to know more about this project or hear the current sound, you can find out more here. Are you also part of a process that will continue after your lifetime? For example, parenting?

1. February 2018 
by Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke


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