Tomaten Taschen Vegan

You say tomato...

we say

Tomato Puffs Vegan

This name represents change at Moin. For one, our new tasty puff pastries with a juicy tomato filling and roasted sunflower seeds replace our former Tomato-Mozzarella-Puffs. You can find them at the bakery counter of your organic food store or you can grab a pack of four from the freezer section and prepare them for your loved-ones at home.

Secondly, we herald a new era with our Tomato Puffs Vegan because our margarine is now palm oil free. Yeah! We’ve changed to shea butter! Shea butter is rich in vitamins and minerals and, more importantly, tastes great in our baked goods.

You can find more information about this change and us becoming one of Germany’s very first palm oil free manufacturers of organic baked goods here.

Thanks to their high-grade vital nutrients the seeds of the sunflower are proper little powerhouses. They can help us have strong bones, beautiful skin and a healthy heart.  And by the way, did you know that 100 g of sunflower seeds have more protein than an average-sized steak? (Quelle:  

But most importantly: Our pastries are absolutely delicious and very versatile. They easily refine any buffet, they are a great snack for in between or make a fine dinner, for example with a fresh peach side-salad. And of course, our new Tomato Puffs Vegan contain no technical enzymes – just like everything else from Moin!