HURRAY! Our long-desired store opening is just around the corner. As of July 9th 2020, you can buy our baked goods right where they are being made:

Hinterm Hofe 15 in 25348 Glückstadt.

"Luckytown" it is!

NOTE: change of date!!!

Due to recent events we have postponed our open day from May to September.


It might be a while still, but we're already looking forward to the 12. September 2020 when we'll be having an open house day to celebrate 25 years of MOIN. The scent of many delicious MOIN baked goods will fill the air to get us in the mood for a delightful celebration. Those who’d like to stop by are very welcome. We’ve got a great programme with interesting guests planned: The Omnibus for direct democracy with Johannes Stüttgen, who will talk about heart strengths, plastics expert Dr. Harald Käb is going to share his immense know-how on bio-plastics and food activist Hendrik Haase will talk to us about the future of food. Of course, our regional partners such as the Ökomelburen from the Meierei Horst, the Dannwischhof and other good neighbours are also invited. Together we want to show our appreciation for the last 25 years and raise our glasses to the next 25 - following the motto: Don't panic, the future is organic.

Bring your friends along and let’s have a party!

On September 12th, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at MOIN Bio Backwaren, Hinterm Hofe 15 in 25348 Glückstadt.

The MOIN team is looking forward to seeing you there!