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Each day is full of opportunities to do the right thing: something that is good for you and for others, something that spreads a little happiness, protects the environment, conserves the climate – something that makes our world a little more amicable, a little more just, a healthier, brighter place to be.

Part of our daily pleasure is preparing good food – for you, your family and for your friends and workmates. And in doing so, there’s always something that we can improve – like doing without palm oil in our products.

Barely a day goes by without more news of rainforest devastation and the spread of harmful monocultures. That’s why we’re delighted to have found an alternative to palm oil – and to be able to contribute towards conserving the world’s rainforests.

We’ve decided to simplify things, for us and for you. We’re now baking exclusively with shea butter!

We’ve been able to source a good-quality, organic margarine made of shea butter that also helps provide women in Burkina Faso with a decent living. What’s more, it’s really tasty as well as incredibly good for you!

Shea butter is a high-grade raw material extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has been used for centuries to protect and moisturize the skin as well as for medicinal purposes. In Africa it is known as women’s gold, because it is women who traditionally gather and process the nuts. From now on, this gold will be part of all our products that have margarine as an ingredient. And we’re also doing without palm oil for our fried onions. We don’t think it’s going to be missed! 

Once again, it all goes to show that we just need the will.

It’s not enough to say “could” or “should”. Let’s just do it!

Is there anything good that you would like to do? And do you maybe need like-minded support?

Why not tell us about it at

May the force be with you!         

Coming soon: Moin does without sugar

4. September 2018 
by Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke and Natascha Solis


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