Moin Spatenstich

The new building

Why are we expanding?

Moin has grown. In April 2016, we started building the new hall in Glückstadt, adding 2500 m² to the already existing 1600 m². We expanded the areas for baking and flash freezing by about three times the space we had previously.

Why are we expanding? There are two main reasons: We can improve the quality of our workplaces as well as of our baked goods. And secondly, we can further realize our fundamental endeavor, which is to provide good food for as many people as possible. We believe in the quality of our baked goods and we also believe that the big vision of "100% organic for everyone" can come true, and must come true. You can read here why we think this is and what we can do to get there.

Everyone at Moin is happy about the new spaces. The expansion gives us more freedom and more room for our processes. Confined spaces don't only tend to complicate work, but can also cause distress. More air and more room will help us towards positive development in a number of ways.

We work with live raw materials which, whilst undergoing their biological processes, react to their environment. This requires our full attention because - despite standardized processes - we constantly need to test, adjust and react to our ingredients. Temperature plays a key role in this. Thanks to our new building we now have tempered climate zones and aren't as dependend on outdoor temperatures anymore.

What's being created here on our premises in Glückstadt has challanged and excited us at the same time - for example, the fantastic possibilities that come with modern technology, especially regarding energy efficiency. The waste heat generated by our new CFC free refridgeration system covers all of our heating and hot water needs. This whole system works so well that our energy consumtion won't increase even though we're growing to be three times the size - in fact, it might even decrease. Here is an example: The shelves for our frozen baked goods automatically retract themselves at night, so that the cold is perfectly preserved. We are artisan bakers with heart and soul – but we find the intelligence underlying such solutions absolutely fascinating.

Technology makes a lot possible - but people will always be the decisive factor. At Moin, machines take over where they can ease physical labour. This gives our employees the freedom to further develop their mental skills which make our baked goods so unique. Because quality arises through dedication and a mindful attitude.
We've got so many ideas for new products and also a few customer requests which we'll finally be able to sinnk our teeth into once our new building is finished. How exciting! We're really looking forward to it...

2. May 2018 
by Brigitta Sui Dschen Mattke and Natascha Solis


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